Mom’s Chocolate Ganache Cake


Hi dolls,

I’ve been pretty spoiled when it comes to cooking, my mom wanted me to study and work, instead of becoming a housewife (which I would have plenty time for after marriage).. Therefore I was no kitchen princess till I got hitched and had to learn to manage

That’s why I keep a book of recipes where I have my mom recite me all her secrets and little by little learn at my old age :’)

Here’s my mom’s simpl(y)e delicious recipe for chocolate cake, get ready for some finger licking scrumptiousness !!


  • 20cl creme fraiche (for ganache)
  • 200 gr dark chocolate (for ganache)
  • 7 eggs
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 50 gr melted butter
  • 3 tblsps cacaopowder
  • 1 cup self rising flour
  • 1 bag baking powder

Start by seperating eggwhites from yolks then mix the whites till stiff

Add all other ingredients one by one

Siff the flour and mix it in by gentle hand twists(8 shapes) to avoid cluttering

Use a 26cm baking shape, heat the oven on 250 10 min. prior

Bake the cake on 200 degrees for 45-60min and let rest for 20 min. after

Melt the chocolate in a pan over medium heat and stir

Add the creme and let cook, after which you let it rest 5 min

Once all cooled off you can pour it over the cake to create a beautiful ganache layer, you can even make holes in the cake to let some topping dribble into the cake

When you put it in the fridge overnight, you have a hardened layer of ganache, against the soft spongy cake, O-M-G *drooling*

Love to hear how it turns out!

Love, Shar – xo

ADELE is Back !

The Queen with the golden voice is finally back after having had a baby.

Her latest album to be named after her age, 25, (note: she’s already 27 by now), is not about breaking up like the last album , 21 from 2011, but actually about making up.

Since her Grammy winning Skyfall back 3 years ago, she came back and broke the internet INSTANTLY with her new first record, Hello.

She did think she woudn’t be able to finish this record, thinking she ran out of ideas, but she’s back with her love raging full of emotion album, just as we like he!! So can’t wait to hear the rest of the album (out November 20).. In the meantime enjoy her new video (shot partially with IMAX cameras!)

Love, Shar – xo

H&M X Balmain

Collaborating with this year’s deisgner, H&M took it higher up on the cash ladder,so get ready! Looking at averages, overall it will not be the most expensive collaboration (nor the cheapest), yet some items do surpass the 500euro barrier. No worry, there are some affordable items aswel.

Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn wore pieces from the collection to the Billboard Music Awards back in May, followed by the release of an ad campaign with Gigi Hadid in September. The setting of the show last week was a beautified subway terminal that played backdrop to a host of dancers voguing through the scene, up and down staircases. There was significant crowding around the gold-buttoned, double-breasted blazers for sale, the same style that Rousteing wore to take his bow.

These are my favorite pieces of the collection


Can’t wait for November 5- honestly just to watch the crazy lines and tugwars ;)

Love, Shar -xo

Short hair don’t care!

I’ve always been obsessed with long hair, black, wavy, straight, sleek, ombre, blonde, extensions.. what not!

And so I can’t remember having cut my hair short since I was.

Few weeks back, I was sick of my long black hair, which doesnt do good to my paling skin color with the winter nearing, so I decided to take a huge leap of faith! And since I’ve cut my hair short, and added the ombre look, I feel bold, breezy, cooler and just overall am really happy with it! And I’m noticing a lot of people around me doing the same bold move, so I’m totally loving it.. this post is for all my short hair girls -bold short straight cut bob, no layers, no fuss

Me before:


Me now:


Kylie Jenner:


Emma Roberts:


Zanita Whittington:

Zanita Whittington
Zanita Whittington

Julianne Hough:


Jessica Alba:


LATEST UPDATE: Khloe Kardashian – totally in LOVE with this!!!! Makes me want to try blonde <3

Love, Shar – xo

Kim Kardashian expecting again!

Kim Kardashian West just announced that she is pregnant again with baby number 2, thus making Nori a big sister soon!image

I have to say, Nori or no Nori, I didnt expect Kim to stay married to Kanye that long and for sure didnt expect another baby. But on the side note I do have to admit I like his influence on her. He jazzed up her look for sure, making her one of my top favorites for fashion inspiration, he got her settled down, she is a mom but kept her figure still smoking, and they still manage to keep it together!

Cant wait to follow her journey on baby no. 2 and see the outfits and I hope its a boy!!!

Love, Shar – x

Mazor Magnets : The Coolest Partyfavors

We all like taking pictures, and most of the time you keep them in your phone and most probably forget about them or use them once in a blue moon for a throwback post on Instagram.. but why not forever capture a fun moment and remember the moment every time you open the fridge? That’s possible if you have your pic on a magnet !10956031_404347909736296_7223214542392885064_n

A very popular concept in Israel, we are the only ones in Belgium who make your pictures magnetised live at the event. For any personal or corporate event, bachelor parties, sweet sixteen or whatever you can think of, a magnet is a perfect souvenir for your guests to remember the party YOU hosted.


Magnets can be framed and text can be added, as well as personal elements like logos. See below some examples..




Visit our official website MAZOR Event Services and stay updated on new features !!

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Love, Shar – XO

Israeli Golden Boy to Win Eurovision?

It’s been a while since I’ve been back but I HAD to post my vote for the Eurovision song contest 2015!!!

I am absolutely in LOVE with Israeli’s entry, Nadav Guedj with Golden Boy. The song is produced so damn well, with a catchy tune, fun lyrics, an absolute tophit that u will be singing for long !! It’s been a few years since Israel got to the finals and I really think they have a big chance to make it to the top.

The song is upbeat and reflects the party that IS Tel Aviv in its essence !! So if you’re watching this Saturday, make sure to vote for ISRAEL and then have a big PARTY a the finale, better than those sad soppy songs..


Love, Shar – xo