Kim Kardashian expecting again!

Kim Kardashian West just announced that she is pregnant again with baby number 2, thus making Nori a big sister soon!image

I have to say, Nori or no Nori, I didnt expect Kim to stay married to Kanye that long and for sure didnt expect another baby. But on the side note I do have to admit I like his influence on her. He jazzed up her look for sure, making her one of my top favorites for fashion inspiration, he got her settled down, she is a mom but kept her figure still smoking, and they still manage to keep it together!

Cant wait to follow her journey on baby no. 2 and see the outfits and I hope its a boy!!!

Love, Shar – x

Mazor Magnets : The Coolest Partyfavors

We all like taking pictures, and most of the time you keep them in your phone and most probably forget about them or use them once in a blue moon for a throwback post on Instagram.. but why not forever capture a fun moment and remember the moment every time you open the fridge? That’s possible if you have your pic on a magnet !10956031_404347909736296_7223214542392885064_n

A very popular concept in Israel, we are the only ones in Belgium who make your pictures magnetised live at the event. For any personal or corporate event, bachelor parties, sweet sixteen or whatever you can think of, a magnet is a perfect souvenir for your guests to remember the party YOU hosted.


Magnets can be framed and text can be added, as well as personal elements like logos. See below some examples..




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Love, Shar – XO

Israeli Golden Boy to Win Eurovision?

It’s been a while since I’ve been back but I HAD to post my vote for the Eurovision song contest 2015!!!

I am absolutely in LOVE with Israeli’s entry, Nadav Guedj with Golden Boy. The song is produced so damn well, with a catchy tune, fun lyrics, an absolute tophit that u will be singing for long !! It’s been a few years since Israel got to the finals and I really think they have a big chance to make it to the top.

The song is upbeat and reflects the party that IS Tel Aviv in its essence !! So if you’re watching this Saturday, make sure to vote for ISRAEL and then have a big PARTY a the finale, better than those sad soppy songs..


Love, Shar – xo

My 2014 in pictures

It’s been a while since I’ve posted as life has been hectic (thank God for that though) and blogging has been put aside for now..

But before the year is over, and with 2015 peering over the corner, i thought I’d share my year in pictures. As for each year, this one has been with many up and it’s share of downs as well. But I thank God each day for another day and for the people in my life, the new friends I make, the safekeeping of my family and for the work we have.

Before I start my short list, I want to wish all my readers a great holiday season, a wonderful new year’s eve celebration and a heck of great new year. May 2015 be filled only with ups and joys and happiness for us all

This is what 2014 looked like for me:

– 1st January 2014: As I celebrated my very first wedding anniversary, I was gifted a beautiful eternity ring from my wonderful husband. Each day I fall more in love with this man and he completes me in more way than I can imagine. Time passes by so quickly and I can’t wait to grow old with him by my side, together with our future children.1551486_721124771231726_864553712_n

– February 2014: We hosted our first Annual Jewish Carnival (PURIM) Party. A great succes with a turnup of 200 people, all dressed up and masked out, it was a great party and I can’t wait till next year’s costumes


– April 2014: Turning 29 was a huge deal from (it’s 1 short of the dirty thirty!!) but my husband gave me such a surprise I totally forgot about the numbers. He whisked me away over the great Atlantic Ocean and we celebrated a wonderful week in Playa del Carmen, Mexico !


– August 2014: My husband and I introduced a new party souvenir and started up Mazor Magnets in Belgium. A great way to thank your guests and who doesn’t love taking pictures


– October 2014: To expand our business, we took up event planning as well. A full service for all private or business events, a new life for me but what a fun work to be doing!


– December 2014: I’ve had oysters for the first time in my life LOL ! When friends were visiting and I saw them eating so many oysters, I just had to see what all the fuss was about.. honestly don’t know what to say. Expect for the lime, I didn’t taste any fish or nothing. I was chewy like a mushroom but I don’t see myself falling in love :)


My very short list is just a small part of the roller coaster this year has been, and I will not make any resolutions as I know I will not keep them. But for 2015 I do wish for myself a few things:

– Success and growth in our event business

– Health and prosperity, luck and good fortune for my husband and I

– Happiness and growing love between us

– Finally getting myself to that diet or start working out on a REGULAR basis

– Last but MOST importantly for me.. Having children of our own ( at this point, I wouldn’t mind triplets )

Once again my readers sorry for not being here, I will try to post more and come back.. but I will you all a wonderful NEW YEAR !!

Love, Shar – xo

Moments in Life

There are certain moments in life that have a way of getting buried into your memories, be it things that happened, strangers or close people, places or faces.. This is a train of thoughts I did not want to let pass by unnoticed..

– I was at a traffic light when it turned green and people started honking because the first car wouldn’t move. After some time, cars started passing and as I was up next to pass this first car, I drove a bit slow at first to make an annoyed face at the driver to scowl at him for not driving. When I got nearer, it was like the world stood still as I saw an old man with both hands on the wheel, his head bent forward down as if grieving or sad. I later found out, this man his heart had stopped when he was in the car, so he was dead and therefore didn’t move on. I did not know this person, but it had affected me so greatly, that even today, after 4 years, every time I pass that traffic light I remember that sad man who’s heart had stopped while waiting for the light to turn green..

– Last December I was visiting my brother abroad, when we went out for groceries for dinner that evening because our parents were on the way to the airport, to also arrive for a visit. My niece called my brother to tell him our grandmother passed away and my parents were going back home. When he uttered the words “Grandma has passed away” I felt a nudge in my stomach, in such disbelief, I turned to walk away, got out my phone to call my mother and heard her hysteric cry over the line. I dropped all from my hands and crashed in the middle of the mall, when it hit me. Hearing my mother was heartbreaking, thinking “I’m glad I still got to see my grandma 3 days ago”, yet the look in my brother’s eyes when he told me, they way they hung low and sad, is a look I will NEVER forget in my life. That sting of pain over that big of a loss..

– When I was little, there was a tall older man with long white hair who I kept seeing all over in my neighbourhood. My niece and I grew up as sisters, so she was in on it and we called him the scary white hair man. For months or even years, we always saw him outside the window, or few blocks away, and he always had a scary grin on his face. One Saturday, I was walking with my parents into town when I saw this man coming in our direction. I was frozen still and scared because i couldn’t tell my parents and my niece wasn’t there with me, when he passed us by and looked me dead in the eyes. After passing us, he didn’t continue yet instantly turned around and was now walking behind us. When I looked back, he was shuffling through a garbage bin so I wouldn’t think he was watching me. After that, I saw him once more after some months when I looked out the window and he was across the street and I was sure he was staring into our window. This was the last I saw of him and it was at least 15 years ago, yet I remember his face and grin so clearly. I am until today sure he was some kind of predator..

– When I was little, I loved taking the bike and going around our block on my own. Around the corner was a Chinese restaurant and the back door of the kitchen was always open, which had a weird smell coming out of it. One time, on my usual tour, the men from the kitchen were standing outside and as I came by, they started yelling something at me and made a move as if to come after me. I started panicking and kicked the pedals harder to get home, where I ran into my room and started crying. I never went on that tour with the bike again. I remember that peculiar smell until today and have smelled it once a few months back when suddenly I had a rush of fear. I’m 29 and that happened when I was around 8-9..

– It was a winter December day, when I was on my way to college to pick up my rapport card for the first semester. It was maybe 5 PM yet already so dark out. Around our corner, there was some section closed off for renovation and I had to pass there to get to school. I noticed a tall man standing by a tree, when he called out for me. I was about 3 m away from him when I made to walk over, thinking he was peeing, yet feeling sense of help as I thought he needed directions, when suddenly I froze because I saw his fly was open and he was holding his manpart in his hand. That’s when I realized he was asking me for help as he was masturbating. I was so shocked and turned immediately to walk away in fear, when he started cursing me out and yelled “come here bitch, just come help me a bit just a few minutes, come here now!”. With tears in my eyes, I actually ran to my school, then called my cousin to pick me up. I remember him being tall, bold, wearing all black with a long black raincoat..

To be continued..

Love, Shar – xo

DS Magnets in Belgium – HYPED!

Jouw event is niet compleet zonder een DS Magneet!

DS Magnet presenteert de nieuwste must-have in België ! We MAGNETIZE your events !


Iedereen trekt wel eens een selfie of een groepsfoto op een feest…

Zou het niet veel leuker zijn moest je de volgende ochtend wakker worden met jouw foto op de koelkast?

Het enige wat je hoeft te doen is feesten; wij zorgen voor de rest!


We printen ter plekke jouw mooiste momenten af op de leukste magneten zodat je ze voor eeuwig kunt bewaren.

Contacteer ons voor jouw verjaardagsfeestjes, bedrijfsfeestjes of als verrassing voor een huwelijkspaar!

Mail us, Tweet us, Call us or Whatsapp us!

Think fun, think DS Magnet.

Tot binnenkort?


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DS Magnet

Hi guys

My husband and I have imported a very popular event souvenir into Belgium !

The idea is, no matter how small or big the event, from personal to business, we take pictures of all the guests, and on the spot we create magnets which they then can take with them as a souvenir. The perfect THANK YOU gift and who doesn’t love pictures nowadays?? Now they can stick it to the fridge ;)
We also can turn your favorite INSTAPICS into INSTAMAGNETS..
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Love, Shar – xo