Victoria’s Secret’s Secret is out !

Every boy’s (and girl’s) favourite lingerie fashion show is packing up.. No, not quitting ! Literally packing and moving across the big ocean to set it’s teeth into London ground. article-2604992-1D1FAC7100000578-858_634x845

New York has the luck of having the girls cross the runway almost every year, with some instances in Miami, Los Angeles and even Cannes, but this year, December 2, the beautiful Angels will be parading and showing off the latest lingerie and swimwear at Earls Court in London. The announcement has been made today by models Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel at the New Bond Street shop and already everybody is wondering who will walk the runway.


Hoping to bring the iconic brand to London since 1998, they weren’t yet well enough known, according to marketing director Ed Razek. But with the now 6 stores all over the UK, they finally can move the show across the pond. The girls themselves are also excited, because even though they’re always together in each show, they now get to travel together too, which makes it feel more like an event to them. With a bigger audience and a black tie dress code, they’re expecting a great show.




Cara Delevingne, everyone’s favourite it-girl today and model of the moment, has been asked to participate and she is very excited but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Plannig the show starts the day after the last show, so it’s a full year’s planning for the next one. A combination of fashion, fantasy and entertainment into a runway spectacle, the annual show is broadcast in 192 countries by CBS Entertaiment. Featuring musical performances, pink carpet interviews, model profiles and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the world’s most celebrated fashion show, the 2013 broadcast on December 10 was the night’s most viewed show.


The first ever Victoria’s Secret show took place at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in August 1995, and since 2001, one Angel is chosen to wear the prestigious bejewelled ‘fantasy bra’. The 2013 show saw Angel Candice rock the runway in $10million creation named the Royal Fantasy Bra.
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Alexander Wang X H&M


It’s that time again of the year again, to stand in line in front of the only H&M shop that teams up with a high-end designer for a special collection, to push and shove to get your turn into hopefully grabbing your correct size, then be pushed aside by the security to let the next group in, and for those who didn’t wake up on the time, they can feed off of the leftover :)

Alexander Wang X H&M Coachella Party

This year, the designer collaboration comes forth from the creative team of Alexander Wang. The announcement has been made at Coachella, and in all of the years of collaborating with H&M, Wang is the first American designer at the age of 30, to work with the Swedish fast-fashion chain that is H&M. Previous collaborators among Stella McCartney include Versace, Isabel Marant, Lagerfeld and Lanvin, all big names in the fashion world. The announcement party was hosted by both H&M and Wang and invitations were sent out by each brand. Guests arriving at the party through two different entrances of a local youth centre, only realised inside that it was actually one big party, where the announcement then has been made.


Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor of H&M, explained that she has aways been a fan of the contemporary designer, whose collections, even though young, can be worn by any age due to his use of tailoring and sport influences. Besides being the only American, Wang is honoured to have been chosen, especially because its the tenth anniversary. Having to keep it a secret, even from his team, Wang is happy the word is out but can’t say much more other than that they will take a new spin on the collaboration.

Fashion designer Alexander Wang at his showroom in New York City

Wang will design collections for both women and men, which will be sold in 250 H&M stores worldwide and online, starting November 6, 2014.

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Style Diary

At my cousins bachelorette party in Israel

photo 4


Jacket: Black padded shoulders fitted jacket- Zara

Top: White silk top – Zara

Necklace: Green and yellow big detailed necklace – Zara

Skirt: Black and white striped – H&M

Shoes: Nude, black tipped shoes – New Look

Bag: Black and white striped – River Island

Accessoires: Gold and black enamel H Clic Clac Bracelet – Hermes

Golden watch – Michael Kors

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TLV Nights presents.. PURIM

Just two days away, we are hosting the biggest PURIM carnival party in Antwerp !!


Young and old ( from the age of 17 and UP ), we expect to see the entire jewish community in full costume attire !!

It’s gonna be bigger and better… TLV Nights hosting PURIM in Antwerp, Saturday March 15 at 22 PM, at an Exclusive new location !! SAN MARCO VILLAGE !!

See you all there..

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Valentine Weekend day 2

After waking up real late from our Valentine, we decided to chill it down for today. Im literally lounging in the living room at my brother’s while I’m writing this, but thought I’d share some of today’s places, just to give you that insider info in case you decide to visit Vilnius one day.. which I really recommend if you love a European city filled with interesting history and many quiet streets with more hidden treasures than you can imagine.Image

As I mentioned in my previoous post, I woke up to a roaring headache and needed some cafeine to shoot me awake. One place I really love to get my java is Coffee Inn. I totally love the feel of this coffee house, besides the fact that they have amazing good coffee, because in the same place you can buy books, so its a library combined with a coffee house.. What a great idea! And alongside the standard tables and chairs, they have these window benches with pillows on so you can chill out while enjoying ur cup of Joe. Ofcourse I couldn’t drink my capuccino without munching on a delicious chocolate brownie ;)Image

For late lunch, we went to another place that is newly opened since just a week, but what a great idea for a restaurant! Called “Kuku Muku” (excuse the link, a newsarticle about Kuku Muku in Lithuanian, apparently they don’t have a site yet), you don’t really know what to imagine, but upon entering the place you soon realize that the person who created this concept is a genius. First, we came into the lobby and found a big bucket of blue plastic wraps that we had to put on over our shoes. You enter a bright, modern, fully equipped big play pen for kids! The restaurant is designed with soft cushions and all over you can find every toy in the world, plus hanging from the ceiling a swing for the kids to play in, a small room with lego walls, a stage with full light system and so much more. The food wasn’t the best I’ve had, but just the detail in every little thing was so amazing. Straws were made from paper, childproof, with cute little clouds around the top, the menu came in a cute cardboard box with toys in them, seats were cushioned, fresh juices came in small milk bottles, and no cola is served ;) In short: a perfect place to eat out without having to worry about your kids, because they can play around freely and you can eat without worry. Wonderful, KUKU MUKU :-)Image


We then strolled around town a bit, but that didn’t last too long because of the still freezing weather outside, and because my 1 yr old niece was getting tired. Getting back to their house, I played around with her, took over her playhouse, much to her dismay, and then just chilled for the day. While I finish typing this post, Im just recovering from some heavy spicy Indian food.Ordered in from the usual place we always go to, called Sue’s Indian Raja. I can enjoy some spice sometimes, but boy do they like it hot ! Some good curry rice, spicy chicken and vegetable rolls, we had a good calm dinner, different from last night’s crazyiness. Nothing like a good quality weekend with a touch of romance. Thank you for checking in and until the next one, adieu.. or as they say here “Labas!”

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