DS Magnets in Belgium – HYPED!

Jouw event is niet compleet zonder een DS Magneet!

DS Magnet presenteert de nieuwste must-have in België ! We MAGNETIZE your events !

Iedereen trekt wel eens een selfie of een groepsfoto op een feest…

Zou het niet veel leuker zijn moest je de volgende ochtend wakker worden met jouw foto op de koelkast?

Het enige wat je hoeft te doen is feesten; wij zorgen voor de rest!

We printen ter plekke jouw mooiste momenten af op de leukste magneten zodat je ze voor eeuwig kunt bewaren.

Contacteer ons voor jouw verjaardagsfeestjes, bedrijfsfeestjes of als verrassing voor een huwelijkspaar!

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Think fun, think DS Magnet.

Tot binnenkort?


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DS Magnet

Hi guys

My husband and I have imported a very popular event souvenir into Belgium !

The idea is, no matter how small or big the event, from personal to business, we take pictures of all the guests, and on the spot we create magnets which they then can take with them as a souvenir. The perfect THANK YOU gift and who doesn’t love pictures nowadays?? Now they can stick it to the fridge ;)
We also can turn your favorite INSTAPICS into INSTAMAGNETS..
For more Info, find us on Facebook, or our official webpage
For bookings call +32 477 40 88 81 or mail to mazorlux@gmail.com

Love, Shar – xo

Style Diary

Last weekend we all went clubbing for my cousins birthday and the spot to be was the opening of Spirito Knokke. Spirito is an amazing club in Brussels but for summer they opened at a new location by the sea. I tried a new look by keeping my hair split in the middle and leave it straight. This is what I wore..


Jacket : Black with golden studs – Zara

Dress : White with black straps – Zara

Watch : Black with stones – Certina

Shoes : Black peep toe pump – C. Louboutin

Bag : Black / white striped clutch – River Island

Love, Shar – xo

Royal Kimye Wedding Pictures

Last weekend, on May 24th, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have finally said their I do’s and officially turned into a family, together with cute baby North. You can’t imagine how many hours I spent on Instagram and online waiting to get a glimpse of her dress and overall look. So much so, I randomly followed anyone who put up pictures of the event, to the point where I drove my husband crazy. What can I say, I’m obsessed with Kim lol. Image

Finally, the first official photos have been revealed and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t know what I expected her to look like, but I have to say, its a total 360 degree change against her last wedding look (which by the way I wasn’t much of a fan of). But hands down, besides North, Kanye is one of the best things to have happened to Kim, style wise!! I love her look today more than ever, always classy and sleek, and her wedding look was pure class. Not overdone, her hair done as fits her most, her makeup crisp as ever, her dress drop dead gorgeous sexy and high fashion. Kim stunned in a white, Givenchy Haute Couture lace gown and a long silk veil during the ceremony, while Kanye was fitted in a custom Givenchy tuxedo.Image

I mean, just look at the dress from behind !! Here at her final fitting in the Givenchy Atelier in Paris with Riccardo Tisci.. GORG!!Image

As far as I saw details of the party, I totally loved the wall of flowers at the alter, reminiscent of the wall of flowers Kanye has made for her for Mother’s Day. So romantic, and then the beautiful setting of Forte di Belvedere in Florence, just perfect !! After the wedding ritual, Kim changed into a custom cream color Balmain short dress.Image

I haven’t yet seen other pictures, but just gotta mention that I totally loved Khloe’s look the night before, at the rehearsal dinner at Versailles in Paris. She wore a gorgeous golden custom made LIRA gown by Australian designers Constantina and Louise.Image

Also, this blue dress by Balmain Kim wore on her bachelorette party in Paris was total jaw-dropping, isn’t she just perfect?! 

Love, Shar – xo



Loving February

Ofcourse, with Valentine happening this month, February had to be about love. What more makes us happy than having someone to love, and someone loving you. I gotta say, if I knew marriage was this happiness inducing, I’d have gone on the search earlier in life! Love makes everything so much better, but love comes in so many forms and shapes. Besides having a loving partner, you can feel love from your family, your friends or coworkers, even from your pet, or love can come through your passions. When it comes to marriage ( or some form of partnership), we tend to let go of our wanting to impress habits, and take each other for granted. We forget why we fell in love with a person in the first place and become used to one another, which slowly will put out the fire. Which we don’t want to happen !! This chapter in the book was so funny to me, because so many things I recognised doing myself and when I told my husband what things I wanted to change, he completely agreed, laughed and told me to not stop reading !! I gotta say, when it comes to having to put two personalities together under one roof, I have one easy husband. He doesn’t get mad easily, he completes me in so many ways, we have small cute traditions that we take to heart to keep, and we are both easy people to live with. If anything, I feel I need to change more about myself and my bad habits, than him.. if only he could clean up more and help around the house, but then I think I’m the wife, and I want to want to do those things for him. As my mom always says, treat him like a king and he will treat you like a queen. And thank god, I have so little to complain about in my marriage.


Quit nagging

As soon as I told my husband this, he burst out in laughing. I knew why.. He always tells me I nag too much, he can just so easily laugh things off and I tend to go into nag mode if something isn’t done immediately or my way. Gretchen says, if you want things done, do it yourself! Its true, and you’ll save a lot of nagging, emotional whelm ups and useless bickering. I hate having to ask my husband to put away his shoes, fold the towels back up, take down the garbage, or help me by vacuuming the house. If I could just take up the energy to these things alone without nagging him, I would save his eardrums from exploding, myself for getting my heart rate up, and things would get done quicker and probably better (LOL).

Don’t expect praise

In line with the previous tip, getting things done yourself won’t mean you’ll get extra credit, or even noticed for it. Men just don’t pay attention, and they take it for granted. Especially my husband, who loves being so pampered. But why not pamper him.. and I sound awful when I say its like he doesn’t help around, because HE DOES! Sometimes even without me asking, can you imagine! And he always does give me thank you kisses after having made him dinner. That makes it worth while. But those little things like putting away the mess, or the garbage, don’t expect him to notice and don’t wait around to get praise or a gift for it each time, it just doesnt matter, so do it for yourself and your peace of mind, and the quicker you get it done, the quicker you can join him on the couch and enjoy the rest of the evening together. its just the way it is, ladies !! Don’t hold things over his head like “I just did this for you, can’t you do this for me now??” Love is not a competition, marriage is not work, we both give and take, each in our own way, be grateful for each other, and appreciate one another how ever you can, be it in grand gestures or small household matters, but don’t get caught up in useless fighting over nothing.

Show proofs of love

Love can be seen in the smallest gestures and each couple has their way of outing it. My husband and I make a point of always kissing each other goodnight (good morning, good afternoon and good evening aswell for that matter), never falling asleep without saying I love you. Its a small thing, but I feel incomplete without it and I just don’t sleep well if we don’t, even though he makes up for it immediately the next morning (if we dozed off quickly after a discussion, say). I tried to implement a 30-sec hug a day, a weekly good hug, but that stuck for just a few months. One way my husband shows me love, is him buying me a white rose (used to be weekly, but spread out over the weeks/months lately), and always included a card with a sweet little note. He likes to go all out for birthdays or anniversaries. Sometimes I’ll find a sweet note or text when I wake up and he has already left. I in return, try to keep him satisfied all I can (never say no ;)), always be in a good mood for him, support him in every aspect (be his number one fan, he is a dj), cook for him (which is hard to do when your mom lives one block away and your husband is her best friend and we eat more there than at home), make his coffee in the morning, and most importantly, rub his back and play with his hair as he falls asleep. Every small thing matters, and it feels so good to give when you get back love.

To be happy, focus on feeling good, feeling bad and feeling right, in an atmosphere of growth.

Dont expect your partner to change, and why would you? You fell in love with a person as he is, so why would you change him. It’ll save you so much bad feelings. But give each other space to feel both good and bad. If he doesn’t know how to guide you through your bad days, just give yourself time to get over the funk. If you have an extra good day, contaminate him by showing extra love. When you’re bickering over an issue, fight right. Don’t go accusing him over old things, or don’t bring up general habits of him you hate, focus on the issued of the moment and talk it out. Everything you do in your marriage is to work towards a goal of becoming a stronger couple, learning each other’s habits, respecting each others opinion and working together towards a healthy, loving, appreciating relationship.

Love, Shar – xo

Energetic January

The first thing we all need to tackle to get us going for the other things, is to have more energy, because energy boosts vitality and happiness, therefore giving you the strength to continue with other pressing issues. Getting more sleep and excising more is key to keep you going, which hasn’t always been easy for me to do. I tend to go to bed late, causing me to wake up in a rush and having to hurry to work or wherever I need to be. How nice it would be to wake up that extra hour earlier, get a shower and a good breakfast and go about your day peacefully and energetic. Plus, I have never been one to love to exercise but I gotta say, I’ve made a resolution (like so many of us) to start on December 31st, and I’m not gonna lie and say I’ve been going 3 times a weeks, but I’ve been trying to get one or two days of fitness workouts into my schedule. Next up, I’d like to take on my diet, or at least try to incorporate more fruit and veggies. I have been making an effort to cut the sweets, going from at least one chocolate bar a day, to just sometimes giving into my sweet tooth. Plus, drinking the juice of one squeezed lemon a day, really does keep my hunger away (at least for a few hours). And is it just me, or do you also feel more energetic when you get up early, sleeping less, and feel extra drowsy when you sleep in late, because you think you can catch up on sleep, but end up feeling more tired?? Here’s some of January’s issues to take up:exercise

Sleep earlier

This one is very hard for me to do, I’ve never been the type to tuck in early, from my childhood days and throughout school, even when i started working, I always loved staying up late (1 Am-ish) but thought as long as I manage to get myself out of bed, who cares.. But ofcourse now I’m stuck with permanent bags under the eyes and having to turn to makeup to hide my lack of sleep. Nonetheless, no matter how late I sleep, if I push myself out of bed early, I get more things done and in turn feel so much better, then if I would have slept in. I need to learn to put away the phone, it’s everyones addiction, we all need to check the networking apps to know all of what others have been up to, or we can’t sleep.. plus when my insomnia kicks in ( which is way more often then I’d like), I need to read on 9gag, till my eyes finally hit bottom with my phone still in hand. Bad bad habit! I do notice though, that if I turn to read a book instead, I fall asleep more easily and plus hurt my eyes less. Gretchen suggests turning off all lights, keep the bedroom for sleeping only (well one thing might be the exception), and make sure nothing can catch your eye while sleeping (phone, alarm clocks lights etc)..

Exercise better

I feel I’ve improved a bit on that part, even though a few years back I was really intensely more into fitness and all, now making less time because I’m still a newlywed and prefer lounging with my man, but I can honestly say I’ve held on to my December 31st resolution and am keeping a 2-day minimum a week of some kind of exercise in life, be it group lessons in bodyworkout, running in the park, or having a quick pace hour walk with music in my ears to keep me going, whatever I do, I feel better for it after.. I just wish I could motivate my husband to join me!!


I hate to admit, but I have a messy husband :) well its maybe not so bad, but I hate seeing shoes all over the house, and he doesn’t like to put clothes back into the closet which in turn makes me also spray things around. But its so exhilarating when I just can pick myself up to go into the room, and clean up! its a 5 min issue, and Gretchen also say, if it can be done under 5 minutes, just do it!! You’ll feel so much better and its true, because clutter in your eyes, is clutter in your head. If we could just clean up before bed or before getting out of the house, everything runs so much more smoothly. And once every few months, I like to grab all the stuff out of the closet and do a close inspection of what I need, what I actually wear, what I can’t fit into and just reorganise my closest. its a burden of a job, but you’ll find so much more space in your closet, clothes you’ve forgotten you had, and when you throw away things, you’ll instantly have more things to wear!

Act the way you want to feel

We often feel some way because we act a certain way, but if you act more energetic you’ll feel so much better and happier. Smile more, fake it till you make it, don’t be that couch potato, instead find things to do, they don’t always have to be so effortfully, but don’t let hours slip away and feel like you wasted a day. Hours in a day last long, but years pass fast !!

Love, Shar – xo

How happy can we be?

On one of my last trips, I finished my book so I had to grab a new batch at the airport. I suck at choosing books (I’m no good at remembering authors or knowing which genre I’m into at that time.) Yet, when grabbing 3 books randomly, one really caught my eye. 

Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project” struck a chord with me so much so I finished reading half of it on the 2-hour flight home. As a writer, Gretchen dedicates an entire year into making herself happier by changing little things. And it got me to thinking “How happy am I? And can this level of happiness be really elevated by just adjusting some things, permanently?” We all have those less good days, where we would rather stay in bed or pig out in front of the tv, yet we all wish to wake up with happy thoughts, feel like singing in the morning and dance through the days as if life is just oh so perfect.

At 29 years old, I can say I haven’t been happier in life. Sure, life comes with struggles, but I’m happily married for 1,5 years now to a wonderful man who appreciates me, I have a job and a roof over my head, I have my family who mean the world to me, I travel quite a lot and I can afford some small indulges once in a while. But I guess we can always use some more happiness boosters, as we humans never tend to be satisfied with what we have. I would love to have a child, I would like to make more money so I could afford more, I would like to travel more even though I’m flying more that the next one, I would like to get back to my regular weight, I would like to further explore my passions of photography, makeup, writing etc etc.. Plus I notice how I tend to behave differently towards my husband, which i wish I could stop, cuz I’d like him to see me the same way as he did when we met. I wish we weren’t such animals of (bad) habits and even though there’s nothing better than feeling comfortable and yourself with one another, you want to keep the mystery and excitement alive.

As I read this book, I make notes on the things she writes, and I will share here what I find funny and applicable to my own life, what I wish to change, what I’m doing currently to change and some extras to get your point of view on things. As Gretchen, I’ll take it one month at a time to review my own life, and who knows maybe I’ll start my own happiness project. I’ll make short posts on each month handled, so theres more for you to read in her book. Would love to hear comments or your own tips.

On another note, if you would like to tap into your own happiness, go to her website http://www.gretchenrubin.com to download her helpful happiness chart or her start kit to get started today! I totally plan on using her tips myself, though I do tend to forget or quit my projects before I barely start them! (definitely an issue I NEED to work on in order to get happier)

By the way, according to Gretchen the number 1 thing to do to make your day better, is to make your bed.. Which I haven’t done yet, so I’m gonna go do that quickly and I’ll start next up with January ..


Love, Shar – xo